phpnuke services india
phpnuke services india phpnuke services indiaphpnuke services india

PhpNuke Customisation Services:

PhpNuke is fully administered using a web-based administration interface

PostNuke is one of the best open source content management system (CMS) being used by organizations of all sizes of industries world-wide. PostNuke is develop with the programming language PHP and backed by a MySQL Database. The main advantage of PHP-Nuke is flexibility and simplicity of its use and configuration. What makes it special is the ease of use and administration. Php Nuke is fully administered using a web-based administration interface. It may be used even by those who are not familiar with programming.

PostNuke started as a junction from PHPNuke and provides many enhancements and improvements over the PHP-Nuke system. Standard PHP-Nuke package includes RSS feeds, internet forums through PNhtmlBB2, a modification of the popular forum software htmlBB, as well as pnForum and other forums, polls, language internationalization, galleries, guestbook, chat, e-commerce, games, surveys ,reviews, links, as well as countless other features with various hooks and modules.

A PHP-Nuke theme is a design skin for a website created with the help of PHP-Nuke. Webdesign for PHP-Nuke can be easily changed due to our PHP-Nuke themes. You may choose the PHP-Nuke theme you like, and change the design of your website within minutes.

Our PHPNuke services include

• Configuration & Installation
• Design templates and skins
• Design integration
• Installation on live server or with existing website
• Client specific custom modification and customization

We at ACS assist you with PhpNuke content management system required by your business and develop a customized portal using PhpNuke and required PhpNuke extensions.

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