software company in bhubaneswar
software company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswar

Mission and Vision:

ACS is a leading software services company committed to the development

Our Mission

• Endow with software solutions and services, with a long-term relationship based on 'Trust' throughout the Globe.
• Continuous focus to enhance the quality management system with the software solutions/products, services.
• Creating friendly and motivated environment to empower employee to perform more satisfactorily results to our customers.
• To develop a Culture deprecated on strong work Ethics & Transparency in all our transactions with the client's Business process.

Standards that we follow

Our well defined standards that helps to enhance our development and clients satisfaction is the key success for ACS.

Our clients focus

We develop solutions for our clients needs in a well defined way that lead them for successful growth of their business. We care for our clients and care for them with professionalism.

Innovation and new creation

We at ACS create bold enough solutions and ahead-looking ideas that coalesce the latest technologies with our unmatched subject matter expertise and deep knowledge of our customers requirements.

Responsibility and Accountability

We at ACS take full responsibility for our actions and performance, and for meeting customers expectations. We are full accountable to our client´s requirements.

Integrity and consistency

We all ACS members are integrated for a quality software solutions and support and consistence to convert the client´s requirements at any cost.

Teamwork and motivation

We work together with our clients to meet our business goals and successful growth our client also. We consecutively motivate our employee that is the real heart of the company´s existence and growth. We value and understand them well.


ACS was incorporated in 2003 with a vision to provide excellence software solutions for International clients to be the recognized leader in providing reliable business solutions world-wide through computing and creative excellence by providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

ACS is committed to delivering quality services to meet highly sophisticated business process requirements with the combination of good business principles and nice deprecated culture in addition with the latest technologies, helps us to produce quality applications in a stipulated time period.


Providing Quality Customer Service and online support is the foundation of the company´s viewpoint, which leads the company, for a better way of gathering all customer requirements in all the way and converting a smooth system for smooth progress.

This is best way that ACS believes in the quality of technology solutions provided to the industries and its people. All members of the ACS family are promised to contribute their own contributions in a well defined way of the management to ensure that the clients and Industries get benefits from every interaction with them.


We at ACS always attempt, for continuous enhancement and endless attention to deliver in all our development methodologies that satisfy all our clients. We try to extend our development process and human resource management to developing well defined plan that leads to a quality software development and implementations.


ACS not only works for his clients but also internally manage the employees for a self perspective growth which is highly important for a industry to survive.Depth knowledge, Skill, and ability to work for any type of requirement and succeed in the highly competitive era of market place by generating pioneering solutions is based upon our employee that may be technical or non technical.

ACS technical staff has got excellent skills in developing/implementing applications in today´s competitive market. As part of the services of development and integration ACS provides system requirement analysis, software design, implementation, testing and online support to our clients.

Quality Policy

ACS is committed to delivering an excellent Quality product under the constraints of time and cost to its clients. We never believed it to be a another part .
We implement the Software Quality Assurance that proves the quality needs at every phase of Software Development and Software Testing process.

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