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software company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswar

ACS Technology Expertise:

Foundation values that make us stay apart in market

ACS has number of technologies and tools expertise to force your LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP), Java/ J2EE and MS .Net software development applications. With ACS support your industry growth and work process that helps you go get access to right technology experts in your area of software development.

The technology Areas of ACS are as below

XML and Web services technologies such as XML-Based RPC, XML Processing and Java Web Services Developer Pack.
J2EE Frameworks such as Jakarta Struts, Apache and JRunner.
J2EE Frameworks such as Jakarta Struts, Apache and JRunner.
J2EE Application Servers JBOS, Web sphere, Web Logic.
Client Side technologies such as Applets, JSP, Java Beans, JAF, JFC/Swing and Reusable frameworks
Technologies EJBs, JAXP, JAX-RPC, Java Mail, JMS, JSP, Servlets, J2EE Connectors and SOAP (SAAJ)

Web Services

Tools and programming language used to design and develop are:-


ASP.NET is Microsoft's web design technique for developing website applications which increases the performances of database driven websites.

SQL Server management studio

SSMS is Microsoft's enterprise level database platform. Which are used as back-end for all websites we develop for different requirements.

Ajax Technologies

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is the tool used for development of web enable applications with out sending the requests to the database server repeatedly and without putting load on databases used for the applications.

Open Source

We develop products with the open source like Php/MySql to convert the customer requirements pure web enable. We also use software's like joomla & 3rd tools for the fulfillment of requirement only.


ACS is well versed with Java/J2EE client and server side technologies. Developed a number of Projects and now ACS can run through any complexity of a software that need to be maintained for your smooth progress of the enterprise.

Microsoft .Net

ACS Consulting has deep expertise in the development area with MS .Net platform. ACS has expertise in client side technologies, web services, server side technologies, databases and interchange formats. ACS development expertise areas includes are Ado.NET, Asp.NET, VB.NET and Ajax.NET

Application development including ASP, Visual Basic and C#

Databases including SQL Server 2000 and 2005, Access is the key area where the development goes on and with the IIS web server. ACS development/implementation process are based on the Web server and Application servers.

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