software company in bhubaneswar
software company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswarsoftware company in bhubaneswar

ACS Corporate Profile:

ACS – Providing High Quality IT Solutions For Modern Business Needs

The modern age is the age of technology, driven by enhanced computer skills that are constantly evolving. With internet becoming an integral part of the lives of people today, the need for a software company providing high quality and versatile services, related to different aspects of web presence and promoting business online, has risen significantly. At ACS, our primary concern is to provide the top-quality and most affordable solutions, including web hosting, website designing, SEO services, outsourcing and HR consulting, to cater to the diverse online business needs of our clients.

About ACS:

We are Alpha Config Solutions (ACS), a software company based in Bhubaneswar, known for providing a wide range of specialized software services and support to ensure maximum benefits for our clients. We are committed to offering the best business solution to IT industry in various fields, including SEO services, website designing and web application development, software testing and even consulting. We use state-of-the-art technology and the most high-grade methods of research to ensure that our services match the highest standards of quality within the industry.

We are a Software Company with a strictly client oriented approach and focus on providing services that help our clients to achieve business growth as per their expectations. We shoulder complete responsibility not only for all our actions but also the performance of the various solutions and services that offer to offered to our clients. We work as a team to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients' problems, be it in the context of SEO services, outsourcing, website designing or software testing.

Why ACS:

We constantly upgrade our software and technologies to meet the changing needs of our clients. As a modern and responsible software company, we fully exploit the benefits of both human intelligence and emerging technologies to provide solutions that would offer maximum benefits to our clients. Apart from offering diverse web and SEO services, we also specialize in various CMS services including Wordpress, Drupal, PHP Nuke and Open Cart to name a few. We cater to the IT needs of both large and small companies and have successfully delivered solutions for even the most critical issues with exemplary results.

We use a combination of good website designing techniques, time tested software development procedures and the most effective software testing methodologies to deliver high quality services to our clients not only in Bhubaneswar, but also beyond the city. We consider the trust and the unwavering loyalty of our clients to be our greatest reward, which is what, inspires us to enhance our services and performance with every new project and client that we take on.

Our Success Secret

The biggest reason for our success is our well qualified and dedicated team of software developers, quality analysts and other professionals. They excel in the various areas of providing highly flexible and customized IT solutions including website designing and application development using resources such as J2EE, .Net, SQL Server, PHP and Software testing to name a few.

We welcome all to get associated with us to experience the top-notch performance with a dedicated service!

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